Magixx reveals relationship status and talks about career challenges – Interview

Don Jazzy’s signee Magixx reveals his girlfriend and opens up on calling Wizkid’s song stupid.

Magixx is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and performer signed under popular music label, Mavin Records (Biography).
In an exclusive virtual interview with the Afriblinksblog team hosted by Josy Blinks, the 23-year-old star whose real name is Adelabu Alexander revealed pivotal points about his Magixx EP, love life and musical career as a whole.

Magixx’s interview with Josy Blinks on Afriblinksblog

Our team was specifically intrigued by his sense of humour and honesty – Music is the strongest form of magic; Marilyn Manson.

Blending Afrobeats and R&B to call his music genre Afro-fusion, Magixx describes himself as a simple lad who was « Born To Do Music ». Reason to why his name is Magixx(Magic and « xx » from his real name – Alex).

Magixx reveals relationship status and talks about career challenges - Interview
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The music crooner said the reason for the juxtaposition of music themes on his EP was in order to show the World how versatile he is, music wise. The EP which is called the Magixx EP is made up of 5 songs; Love Don’t Cost A Dime, Like A Movie, Pati, Gratitude and Motivate Yourself.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into discovering if the Young star is single or not, why he did Love don’t cost a dime, his challenges as an artist…

  1. You say you were born to do music, why then did you study Mass Communication instead of music ?

Yes I was born to do music and I am. To start with, in my school (Unilag), there was no music department. Music was under Arts department and I didn’t want to do Arts. Also, I’m not traditional to think I can only do music if I study it. Again, I wanted to profit from Mass Communication media channels to vehicle my songs.

  1. Would you consider Mass communication as an occupation if you are chanced ?

Definitely. I’ve been thinking about it. But I do not intend to do it myself. I’ll love to create a media Organisation someday. I might start a TV station.

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      03. Do you intend becoming a Youtuber or Vlogger

No, hahah. I’m not trying to become a Youtuber or vlogger. I do vlogs on my Instagram mostly for fun. Like the Port Harcourt vlog and the recent one on my Instagram which I had visited three countries.

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  1. You seem to be a very ambitious person. With yourself and your team at the moment, where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Honestly, I believe that in 5 years, I should be able to give to other people. Basically, assist people to progress and truly just help people. I won’t say I will want to have big tours or big features because I know they’ll definitely come. I just wish to be able to impact people positively in 5 years time.

  1. Why did you name your EP the MAGIXX EP?

It was basically to show people this is what you should expect from Magixx. It it my first EP and I am trying to put my name out there. You know, a marketing strategy sorta as well.

  1. Why did you juxtapose your music themes ? One genuine love, another erotic, while another motivational?

Right. I’m a very versatile person and I said that before. That’s where I got the name Magixx from. I don’t want to be boxed up. Putting out an EP that has different subject matters is because I wanted to show how diverse I am. That is not to confuse people. That is to give them the right understanding of the sound. Today I can sing about love, tomorrow party, after tomorrow prosperity and so on. That way, if I sing a party song tomorrow, people won’t be shocked. They’ll know this is Magixx, he touches every aspect of life.

  1. Love don’t cost a Dime for us can be considered a marital love type of vibe. You mentioned it’s a love for God as well?

No. It’s not. I was explaining in the context. Like God loves us genuinely without expecting anything in return. Our parents raise us, stress and do not consider it stress. That’s because the love is genuine. That’s Love Don’t Cost a Dime. A love that does not judge skin, age, finances, geography or anything. So the inspiration for Love Don’t cost a dime is being in a relationship that is genuine.

Magixx ft Ayra Starr – Love Don’t cost a dime re-up
  1. Talking about love, what’s your relationship status ?

Hahah, I’m quite single. Yes I am single.

  1. If you are single, how come you did a song about genuine love?

Well, I was just trying to put my past experiences together and make some sweet harmonies and melodies.

  1. You describe your type of music as “Afro-fusion”. Which is a combination of Afrobeats & R & B. What artistes inspired you to bring out this music genre ?

Growing up, I actually listened to a lot of artistes & different sounds. I listened to Afro Juju, Lagbaja, Fela Kuti. In my area, my Dad used to have a lot of music around. So for people that inspired me, I’ll say Celine Dione, DMX, Tupac, Michael Jackson fast forward to 2face, Toyin Odutola, Idris Abdul Karim, Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy etc.

  1. You said you can rap, tell us more?

Yes I used to rap, I started off as a rapper.

  1. Would you be doing rap songs then ?

Hahaha, I don’t think so but if you listen to my EP, Pati is like an Afro-trap song. People will definitely see the part of me that is a fan of rap music. I’ll definitely be trapping a lot but in the future not now. But for proper rap, I don’t see myself rapping.

  1. Would you say the Gratitude song on your EP is from a real life experience ?

Yes. I’ll say Gratitude is putting myself in an already successful position. Because honestly, the lyrics of the song- most of it isn’t very realistic. It is basically a vision that I hope to achieve. I was just manifesting the vision I see.

  1. Do you plan on maintaining your hairstyle and fashion sense ?

Haha. I might change my hairstyle very soon. For my earrings, I’ve switched it up a little bit. Before it was just round but now square too. There is a lot of style improvement on my side obviously. And I have a lot of style ambitions. Going forward, I think people will see it. I don’t really need to say “oh my fashion sense will be a killer” haha.

  1. Future wise, what artistes will you love to feature ?

Drake, Doja Cat, Post Malone, Burna Boy, Wizkid, Nasty C…

  1. When you woke up to fans insulting you claiming you insulted Wizkid’s song, how did you feel?

It was funny. It was so painful because I know people know the meaning of what I posted but they were twisting it. I wouldn’t say people want to hate me because I know not everyone can love me. I just thank God that some people understood.

  1. How consistent do you think you’ll be ?

Very consistent. Next month, I’ll be dropping a new project with about 5 songs, I have like two features coming up still next month. So it’s going to be hot.

  1. Why did you use same model for the Love don’t cost a dime original and the re-up featuring Ayra Starr?

We wanted to continue a story. Basically, the 2nd love don’t cost a dime is the first and the first the second. The second ft Ayra Starr reveals how I met the girl. Then the first how we lived happily.

Original Love Don’t cost A Dime
  1. AfroBeats or R & B

No, I love both. I don’t want to choose. I think the reason why Afrobeat is flourishing is because there is so many elements of R & B inside. The two music genres compliment each other – my opinion.

  1. Who is your celebrity crush ?

Hahaha. I already mentioned her name. Doja Cat. But I think my celebrity crush changes every night. Whenever I go on Instagram, my celebrity crush change every now and then ahah.

Admiration song for a Woman. Magixx- Like A Movie
  1. What’s your greatest challenge as an artiste ?

Honestly, it’s time management. Because everything keeps coming at you back-to-back. You don’t have time for yourself. Again, people misunderstand you. Once in a while, it can be challenging but I don’t let that get into me because I believe that people that will understand you will definitely understand you. I think these are the few challenges. But I like challenges anyways.


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