Biography and discovery of Bibina Tenjoh-Okwen Ms Voluptuous Cameroon 2024

Biography and discovery of Bibina Tenjoh-Okwen Ms Voluptuous Cameroon 2024

Biography and discovery of Bibina Tenjoh-Okwen Ms Voluptuous Cameroon 2024
Bibina Tenjoh-Okwen Ms Voluptuous Cameroon 2024

Who is Bibina ? 

Bibiana Tenjoh-Okwen is  beauty queen at heart and a pharmacist by profession who is presenting her country in Ms Voluptuous Cameroon 2024-2025.

Born in Yaoundé Cameroon on April 21st, Bibiana Tenjoh-Okwen hails from Ashong, Batibo in the Northwest region of Cameroon.

Bibiana through her platform FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING has been empowering single mothers across the globe. A lot of single mothers especially in Africa are always tempted to give up. The beauty pageant uses her platform  to encourage and empower them.

Bibiana is struggling to change the stigma around singles mothers by tackling one single mother at a time, beginning with herself.

In her free time, she loves cooking, travelling, watching movies and spa days.
When asked how she will describe herself in three words, the gorgeous lady said she is Kind, Ambitious and authentic.

Biography and discovery of Bibina Tenjoh-Okwen Ms Voluptuous Cameroon 2024

Best traits: Humorous, Hardworking
A pharmacist by day, a chef by night and a mother always

You can stay connected to her on: 

IG: Msvoluptuouscameroon
Bibina Tenjoh-Okwen
FB: Bibina Tenjoh-Okwen

Short term goal: Encouraging all mothers to follow their dreams. Do not be limited by culture, fears or naysayers
Long term Goal: Opening a 24 hour daycare ran by single moms for single moms

She shows her gratitude to:
– My 10 year old daughter Candace F @Candymoves @RIMAZPreteen @Royalinternational miss AZ preteen for encouraging me to join the pageant world
– My friend Vara A @anyi_ntam, my fellow secondary school beauty queen who is encouraging this journey
– Amanda Stone @therealamandastone @amandastone who makes sure I am navigating smoothly in pageant world
– Blessing Hoskins @Nneka Hoskins who is always ready to help
– Vanessa T @mrs.anaya22
– My family and friends.

Biography and discovery of Bibina Tenjoh-Okwen Ms Voluptuous Cameroon 2024
About Ms Voluptuous pageants

What does being a part of the system involve?
The emphasis here is on Leadership, Empowerment, and Service.
Our Queens prepare for the Grand final by working on their advocacies, serving their communities through volunteering, pursuing opportunities in public speaking and ambassadorships, fundraising for incredible causes, and inspiring and elevating others through networking and attending events.

There is also the opportunity to join in challenges, create incredible content on location during one of our content creation trips and make lifetime friends and lifelong memories.
They will show initiative, and be innovative and confident in pursuit of their personal goals. Want to see what a day in the life of a MVP Queen looks like? Click here!

So, what do we look for in a winner?

We want more than just a plus-sized model in a crown. We are looking for women who genuinely want to make a difference, and have what it takes to be a true role model in their communities, embracing the etiquettes and attributes of a worthy titleholder. You can see our current titleholders heading to the International Grand Final here.

Following the smash success of the inaugural MVP International Pageant in Nashville, TN in 2022, we are introducing more state and national pageants, as well as continuing to offer appointed titles in preparation for crowning TWO International Queens at the International Pageant Grand Final in 2024 – Miss aged 18-31, and Ms aged 32+.

We also created a dedicated website accessible exclusively to contestants AND have developed an interactive forum to ensure that all of our contestants benefit from a strong sense of support and sisterhood! Not only that, but all of our titleholders will have the opportunity to complete the C.R.OW.N leadership program.

We aren’t JUST celebrating plus sized bodies. We are empowering the women within them, helping them to see the beauty beyond the surface and encouraging them to chase their goals, build their visions for their respective futures and offering opportunities to have a whole lot of fun along the way. Our tagline is Empower, Elevate, Celebrate. We are definitely not the traditional ‘beauty’ pageant!


We don’t just want to impact the lives of those who participate in our programs as Queens. We recognize that we have a responsibility to impact the lives of others too!

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