Jean Georges Moulion, the father of young Erica who died in a traffic accident during a night out with Tenor, has probably put water in his wine. At the funeral of his daughter, he says he understands that the 22-year-old can go out and have fun.

“Some would have liked me to come here and make my daughter feel guilty. Oh no. All of us here, how many times have we gone out to a youth dance without our parents knowing? Coming out at this age, it’s from my daughter’s time”, he declared before reaffirming how much he would have liked to organize her marriage, proof of a job well done in the Bamoun tradition.

For Jean Georges Moulion, we must move forward, forgive but not forget. “The Moulion family will find the means to look ahead. Children, we have to look ahead. Forgive without ever forgetting. Because if we forget, We will fall back to the same place”, he told the parents present at the funeral of little Erica.

As a reminder, Jean Georges Moulion the day after his daughter’s death had, under the effect of anger, asked Tenor to come and marry her corpse.

The forgiveness of Jean Georges Moulion’s will not be enough to get Tenor out of trouble. As Afriblinksblog had reported to you previously , the rapper was arrested and taken into custody at New-Bell central prison.

Reports had it that:

While Tenor came out of his accident with a broken arm, Erica, who was in the vehicle with him on the day of the tragedy, was unlucky. After her death, accounts of the exact circumstances of the accident diverge from one source to another. While the artist’s staff tried to disguise the facts by making the mass believe that the vehicle was driven by a mysterious occasional driver who was reported missing, witnesses claim the opposite and serve versions that do not suit the situation.

After the show at the French Institute in Douala, Tenor and Erica went to a nightclub to, they say, celebrate the latter’s birthday. The owner of the nightclub offered at least three bottles of champagne to Tenor. The alcohol had flowed freely. Drunk, Tenor did not stand up on his feet according to accounts. The owner of the recreation area then offered the artist his driver (a certain Adebayor) to take him home. Despite his insistence, Tenor declined the offer and decided to drive his vehicle himself. The tragedy occurred a few minutes after his departure from the scene.