After Nigerian singer Davido shared chat he had with his beautiful daughter, his second baby mama has replied via her Instagram story.

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She says she will change Hailey’s details since creepy people are using the opportunity to get to her daughter. It seems Davido’s second baby mama isn’t quite pleased with the child’s father writing the girl.

The If singer took to his Snapchat story to share conversation he had with his daughter captioning it “me and my daughter convo me be funny asf”.

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In response to this, Laplubelle who had apparently already posted something and Instagram got it deleted reposted still ;

“Please stop calling /texting Hailey’ iPad. She is a child, you guys are very creepy and scaring her. You guys are very weird. Changing her infos as we speak weirdos

Davido’s baby mama posted this after the singer had posted his chat with his daughter. Seems the lady doesn’t want “weirdos” getting close to her daughter.

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