Kameni apologizes to Mimie and her management while stating her own side of the story.

According to the singer, Mimie’s team had apparently spoken with her manager Vera but they hadn’t told her anything yet. Kameni states that Vera is a very good person and has been helping a lot of artistes with no fee.

Then, Mimie came to support her for her EP launch. The Bolo singer says that she was under a lot of pressure at that moment given the fact that she had to perform, thank people, prepare etc. So when Mimie asked her about the music collaboration they had to do, she pleaded on her to fix it with her manager since she was under pressure and didn’t know Mimie’s team had already discussed with her manager.

After that instance, Kameni said that she met Mimie at the gym place(they attend same gym place), greeted her and she didn’t respond.

She felt bad and quite annoyed , reason why when they met at Gomez Oba’s EP launch she didn’t greet her again for fear she wouldn’t still respond.

Kameni has apologized to Mimie and her team stating that it was just a little misunderstanding and wish they fix things. Kameni also revealed that she loves and respect Mimie a lot and wouldn’t disrespect her at any instance. For her, little did she know her label asked Mimie’s team for money. Again, it is her label. She doesn’t have control over things. Nonetheless, she said her label is very peaceful, it was just a little misunderstanding.

Kameni also says her post on her lyrics « socerlerie partout, i be suffer Pikin » wasn’t in relation to Mimie. It was in regards to her health as she has been suffering for some time now. With that said, she didn’t hesitate to express her dismay at those who immediately judged her, have her contact yet couldn’t get her own part of the story.

She specifically was disappointed at CY who is like an older brother to her. She felt he ought to have at least reached out to her and Mimie to solve their problems instead of doing a long video to insult her.

Kameni has been having health issues for about the past 5 months and barely struggling. She said :

«  I apologize on behalf of myself and my team. Whatever hurt or pain we have caused Mimie and her team. I apologize. They should please let it pass. I still think it was a case of miscommunication. I had no idea about it ».