Forced landing for Mertens. The plane in which he was traveling to Antwerp had a problem touching down and ended up going off the runway. Fortunately, the Napoli player was not injured.

We can already say that Dries Mertens had the fear of his life. According to the Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’, he had an accident when he arrived in Antwerp, but more from fear than harm.

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The Napoli player has decided to return to his native Belgium to seek a cure for the injury he has suffered for some time to his left ankle. And, after having obtained permission from the Italian side, he set off.

But his arrival in Antwerp turned into a nightmare after the private plane he was traveling in failed to land and ended up crashing off the runway.

Apparently, the pilots were unable to stop the aircraft on the runway and the jet ended up plunging uncontrollably onto the grass, until it finally came to a stop.

The aforementioned media add that neither Mertens nor his family were injured and give an image of the moment, the player being on dry land next to the track operators.