According to information from ‘RAC1’ in Catalonia, Leo Messi is expected to file a complaint against the media ‘El Mundo’ and the leaders of Barça who had access to his contract.

A few days after the publication of the Spanish newspaper ‘El Mundo’, which revealed the contract signed by Leo Messi in 2017, the controversy continues to make noise on the side of Barcelona.

The revelation of this contract estimated at 555,237,619 euros gross per year has caused a flood of criticism towards the Catalan club and its captain. And the Pulga would be ready to strike back.

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While Barça have already opened an internal investigation to find out who could have disclosed the player’s contract, while only a few people had access to it.

And according to information from ‘RAC1’ on Wednesday, the Messi clan will in turn file a complaint against ‘El Mundo’, and would be determined to take legal action against the various leaders of the club who had access to his contract and who would have was able to filter the details unveiled by the Iberian media.

Among those people would be Josep María Bartomeu (former Barça president), Carles Tusquets (chairman of the club’s management committee), Oscar Grau (Barça CEO), Roma Puntí (club legal department) and Jordi Mestre (former vice-president) sports director).