‘I always transfer my pains into money making moves’Blanche Bailly revealed in an interview done previously.

When asked why she mostly sings about heartbreaks, Cameroonian gorgeous singer, Blanche Bailly said that she doesn’t waste anything in life. She takes her bad experiences, converts it into passion and makes money moves.

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Blanche Bailly is a successful Cameroonian singer who isn’t signed under any label. However, all her songs are always hits. We wouldn’t give all the credits to her beauty because lots of other female artistes are absolutely stunning. This could be linked to Blanche not just hardworking but working smartly.

For example, in her Dinguo song, instead of using a man, she used a mannequin. This was to create buzz because lots will be questioning why on earth would she even use that. The more questions, the more views & the more cash. That’s being smart!

It should be well noted that she got to fame from her song featuring Minks. She just knows how to get people talk.

This time around, after some quite silence, Blanche Bailly will be releasing a song this Friday featuring Tzy Panchak.Here is where one can call this lady a queen of being smart.

Tzy Panchak has been having a lot of controversies around him of recent. He claimed he is the best artiste in Africa. Everyone has been talking about the singer of recent.

Z-tra attacked Blanche Bailly, claiming she stole her song. People have been talking about it of recent and curiously waiting for the singer’s reply. Her response will be with a song to be released this Friday featuring the most talked about artiste on social media of recent.


You should note that Blanche Bailly owns a clothing shop Mimba Kloset.