Coco Argentée has been serving her fans hot photos these past days.

As a prelude to the release of her future album, Coco Argentée has been serving her fans, a few shots that illustrate her physical potential.

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Photos of extreme sensuality. In one of the photos, she accompanied it with a little message “It seems that, the most beautiful sentence that one can say to someone is I love you. A few simple words …? ”Did not leave netizens indifferent.

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Fans have been blasting her of recent claiming that she is an old woman and can’t respect herself.

It should be noted that the photos in question did not only irritate the fans. Some took pleasure in it.

Some wrote :

“This is what we like that we want to see.” This is a good birthday present … You knew THAT it was my day, right? Confess little rascal? ” said a fan, obviously in ecstasy.

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Well, what think you of the photos ?

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