Fally Ipupa amazed by young blind Cameroonian singer

A new talent has just been detected by the Congolese singer. He’s a little boy who seems blind and who sings the the star’s song to almost perfection. In addition, he is Cameroonian!

We said that Petit Fally is too strong, right? Here is another video that Fally Ipupa has just posted on his Instagram account. He’s a little kid playing one of his songs. The youngster manages to sing the lingala that is inside.

It was Fally himself who clarified that the boy is Cameroonian. We see that the child is also blind. At the end we see that he is surrounded by grown-ups who say thank you to Fally for broadcasting the video on his account. Apparently, they figured out he was going to repost.

Like what there are lots of talents who love Fally and sing his sounds very well. Will this new video cool Bafoussam’s little Fally buzz?

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