You should be scared of a Bamileke- Blanche Bailly.

Cameroonian gorgeous singer, Blanche Bailly has stated that you should be scared of a Bamileke who grew up in a fiango.

A group of Twitter users were arguing on where Blanche Bailly is from. One claimed she is Baganté and Blanche replied to him saying she was born and bred in Kumba before she moved to France.

After reading this, another guy said since she didn’t grow up in the Bamileke land, she wouldn’t know how to manipulate or do money games like the Bamis.Blanche Bailly of course had a reply for this guy. Money games wise, Blanche Bailly stated that they should be scared of one like her instead.

One who has the Bami blood but grew up in Fiango.Below is a screenshot of the exchangescreenshot 20200507 124425 twitter4042097947654688420What are your thoughts?

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