People think I’m overrated, I will let them know what rap is – Boy TAG.

Cameroonian rapper, Boy TAG has stated that he will show the population why he is considered Cameroon’s best rapper or at least, one of the best by most people.

Of recent, TAG has been doing a lot of singing than rap. When rated as one of Cameroon’s best, most Cameroonians claimed he is overrated for he doesn’t do rap songs.

Well, in a live Instagram interview with Afriblinksblog, the rapper revealed that he will do back-to-back rap songs.

‘Every month, I will drop at least a rap song. All those who claim I am overrated, they will eventually see my potential.’ said he.

The artist revealed a couple of things like the coming of his clothing brand and Cameroonian rappers he love.

Stay tune for Boy TAG every month.

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