Brenda Biya went live on Instagram page on December 2 and revealed a couple of interesting things. The young daughter of Chantal Biya, with an open heart, confided in her followers regarding some personal things that her grandmother allegedly gave her about her family shortly before her death.

According to Brenda Biya, the relationship between her grandmother, Rosette Mboutchouang, Chantal Biya’s father who died on October 2, 2014, and her father Paul Biya have always been very strained. In her live on Instagram, she recounted the last moments of grandmother’s life, as well as some memories she had seen for herself.

Brenda remembers that May 20th her grandmother looked at her father HE Paul Biya with some sort of funny look and looked worried “hmm”. “By May 20, my grandmother out in order receive her wishes and flee. She told me your father, Nnom Ngui, you know him well. Don’t joke with him, ”she says.

Among others, the first daughter does not forget the last advice of Mama Rosette

My grandmother a week before her death, her last words are marked in my mind! It’s written in my head, I know I have to protect my mom because my grandma told me, Brenda you have to grow up and protect your mum. You have to protect your mother and keep her away from these vampires’, she recalled.