While we imagine Tayc to be very seductive and a true lover of women due to the kind of songs he does, the latter

confided that he had never fallen in love.

Friday, November 26, 2021, Tayc won the eleventh season of Dance with the Stars, they had 56% of the public vote against Bilal Hassani. The 25-year-old singer, who then danced with Fauve Hautot, flew over the competition and managed to never come face-to-face.

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In addition to his incredible dance steps, he was able to charm the viewers with his joy and good humour, as well as his undeniable charm. However, the love singer made a revelation that shocked lots.

The main character of Christmas Flow with Shirine Boutella on Netflix, Tayc and his on-screen partner agreed to be interviewed by Konbini’s Love. The opportunity for Tayc to make an incredible revelation about his love life.

‘And I think I’ll fill the mood, but I’ve never fallen in love‘, he then declared.

‘It’s weird. Afterwards, I think it’s once you’re not with the person that you realize whether you like them or not..

‘I think about how I like it. I maintain my relationship and my love. I like to love intelligently. But I don’t think I ever really fell in love because the very verb is to fall. So falling is something you don’t foresee‘, Tayc added.

In any case, Tayc is absolutely not closed to love, on the contrary:

“This is all I ask: to fall in love. Even though it might hurt sometimes.

Many rumors began to circulate on social media after seeing the obvious complicity between Tayc and Fauve Hautot in Dance with the Stars.

In regards to this rumour, the star stated :

I get it every season. It’s the dance that wants that. It’s okay for people to have questions. We are quite close, there is contact. But again, it’s still ballroom dancing. There is also the interpretation. If people imagine things, it’s because the story we wanted to tell works. But it is very rare for couples to form.