Women virginity is a sacred thing because it’s their bodies, and they should respect their bodies. Unfortunately so many of them tend to “lose” it to some undeserving jerk. I personally don’t think it matters if you have sex at 17 or 37 as long as you want to do it and feel ready. (Unless you are my daughter, in which case, never.) Maybe you hold onto it until marriage or later than the “norm” like these celebrities.

For some, it’s difficult to believe that in the land of weird, some people choose to not have sex until they are married or until they are fully committed to someone, which in many cases means they are much older than their teenage years. Such a rarity! Or maybe not as unusual as we thought. These Cameroonian  celebrities have held on to their virginity for way longer than you’d expect and they are still virgins.


1 Mina Eyango.


Mina Ndedi Eyango is a Cameroonian singer and entrepreneur and the daughter of famous singer Prince Eyango. She is 23 years old and still a virgin despite her sex and curvy body that attracts a lot of men towards her, she choses to remained a virgin till marriage.

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2 Z-tra


She is One of the most beautiful Cameroonian singer. She is one of those female Cameroonian singer that have decided to keep her virginity only for the Man that will pay her bride price. Ztra is absolutely beautiful and sexy though we have heard a lot of relationship scandals about her, she choses and promised to remained a virgin till Marriage. She recently came out to make the public know that, her virginity is for that one man who will marry her.

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3 Jaye


Jaye is a fast rising Cameroonian Singer who is absolutely beautiful and sexy . She normally likes to look beautiful and sexy. Looking good for her it’s good business but believe me, she is a virgin,despite her hot and crazy way of life.

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4 Liya


She started singing at a very young age. She is described as the Yemi Alade of Cameroon. She has been feeding her fans with hits songs ever since she became famous in 237 Music industry. Liya is one of those female Cameroonian artiste that has decided to remained a virgin till she becomes married. At 25, living in a community  made up boys who don’t like to see a girl single she chooses to be herself and wait for her future husband.

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5 Lesline

 She a gospel singer who hails from Wum town in Cameroon. She has decided to work in accordance to the scriptures. The singer at 24 and is still a virgin. All what she thinks about is to save God and be herself.

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