Cameroonian Female rapper Askia had this to say concerning the pains she went through while she was working on one of her drug addict patients,Thomas.

she writes:

“Meet My most recent patient Thomas. He gave me permission to post this. His parents came to me bcuz they couldnt find him and he was getting too deep into the addiction so i found him and together we decided that the 1st thing to do for him is to keep him under lock dowm to protect him from smoking that shit atleast for a while.

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Since i dont have a facility yet i went to the brigard buea , the commandant understood what i needed and decided to help me. Thomas went in willingly cuz he understood it was for his own good. The next day i came by to bring him some food and to have a little class with him just for conversation. While he was eating i asked him why he has refused to see his mother all this while and he said “bcuz every time she sees me she cries and it hurts me to know how i hurt her” he then asked to see his mum and i was bent on making that happen so in the evening i came back with his mum and some roasted Fish not just for him but for the rest of the guys in the holding cell aswel. When we got there with the food that night it was pass visiting hours bcuz of some delay. I met the gendarme guys , very rude and insultive.


They were rude and shouting at us all saying its past visiting hrs and we understood that. My P.A went ahead to beg them to take the food and the sweat pants Thomas had asked for bcuz of the cold. They refused and started putting hands on me pushing me outside like a criminal and calling me a prostitude while at it. Gave me 2 dirty slaps for trying to defend myself while i had Nairobi in my hands.


They undressed my P.A , beat him up badly till one other gendarme guy came and said this wasnt right. We left peacefully cuz there was nothing we could do. I cried all night. My face was mad swollen. My patients mum was heart broken and tot i would give up on him but i didnt. I chilled off and waited till my patients time in holding was up and i got him out of there, took him to the hospital for check up and we doing jus fine right now still working towards making him well. Fast forward to today and the guy who gave me 2 dirty slaps is dead killed by an angry mob for shooting little caro in the head.
Life is a bitch is all i can say❤❤
Thomas is making progress 1 step at a time ad i
just thank God for his Strong will to do better..🙏 ”


What do you think about drugs addicts ?