Stanley Enow will start off acting career with movie “Back to Kinship” by Cameroonian film director Stephen Agbor. The Cameroonian singer/rapper appears on the cover of the poster announcing the film’s release in Cameroon on October 15, 2021 at Canal Olympia Douala, with Nigerian actors Okawa Shazney and Joseph Benjamin.

The Cameroonian rap “King Kong” recently stayed in the United States for the filming of this movie and foresees himself taking an Oscar. He revealed this on his social media handles.

The rapper has been very mobile lately. In addition to this trip to the United States, he stayed in Ivory Coast where he collaborated with his young compatriot Dj Jeune Lio on his EP “A night in Cocody”; and recently in France for the preparation of his next “EP”.

He returned to the country a few days ago, and resumed the normal course of his daily activities through rehearsals in the studio, and does not miss from time to time to respond to a few meetings in the media.