A young married man who reportedly became a billionaire’s sex partner is going through an ordeal.

Before this man chose this path, he was a young father, married to a young woman but then destroyed his own marriage. The man is all remorseful as he narrates his story.

“I am a young man of 35, father a twin and legally married to a beautiful and sweet woman. When I got married I was loader a cement loader in a local hardware store. My job was hard but I managed to feed my family.

One day a big customer (billionaire) came to our company after shopping he called me next to his vehicle and told me that I was a good worker. My ex boss apparently had already talked about me at home because he knew almost everything about me. For him with my license, I deserved better than what I was doing. I was so moved, then he asked me if I was willing to be his personal assistant.

Without thinking I said yes, it was a miracle from heaven for me. The next day I started work at his place, he took me shopping in designer stores. 1 month later he gave me a house and a high-end vehicle. This is how my life had changed .

I said thank you to heaven every day with my wife. Every time I walked passed him, he touched my butt but I told myself it was a mistake at the start until the day he told me that I am super cute and he would like us to be closer.

That day I couldn’t sleep but I had already developed a taste for luxury. Everything I had belonged to him.He had promised me that he will always love me, always cherish me and that nothing will happen to me while he’s alive.

I took a month of reflection and then I validated. We started to travel all over the world. I was like his wallet. He asked me to leave my wife because he was jealous, I did. He covered me with gold and hugs.

6 months ago we were at a business meeting in India where he forced me to sleep with his 8 partners. (To be continued)!