If in Cameroon homosexuality is a practice punishable by law, Cameroonians in the diaspora do not hesitate to live their love with their partners of the same sex. The canvas is flooded this Sunday by the images of the marriage of Cameroonian Bengono Raoul with the rich Swiss Henry Paulin. The celebration according to the sources took place on Saturday July 25, 2021 in Mulhouse in France.

On the images, the happy couple sketches a few dance steps in front of the many guests who made the trip to support them. Bengono Raoul with his bouquet of flowers in his hand has not escaped the comments of Internet users.

“The problem is not even the LGBT couple but the folklore around them with the voices of the women that hooo still speak. Massahh the genre is beyond me ”

“The guy even holds the flower bouquet eh.” What a travesty of values! ”

“The lord has destroyed the inhabitants of a whole city because of this kind of infamy and others still follow this trail and other lazy people nearby are applauding you will cause our loss to all. Long live Islamic Sharia, long live the Islamic State, ”wrote Internet users visibly disturbed by the images.

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Cameroon severely punishes homosexuality

MP Fotso Fautsine is in favor of decriminalizing acts of homosexuality. In a forum relayed by the site libertepresse.com of July 05, the deputy, explains “that in law, homosexuality is a sexual orientation characterized by a sexual attraction or by feelings of love towards a person of the same sex”, justified with regard to international law, she said:

“That of loving freely without being condemned, that of being born a woman into a man and of operating to heal psychologically. The Republic therefore defends respect for the private life of each and remains one and indivisible beyond feelings. Yes. to dignity and not to hatred. The President of the Republic Paul BIYA has also ruled by declaring that “sexual behavior falls within the sphere of the private” “.

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Under the impetus of their trade union movement, the National Union of Independent Journalists of Cameroon (SYNAJIC), have decided to stand up. In a press release dated Wednesday 07 July, of which its National Coordinator in charge of communication, Nkodo Pierre Claver, transmitted a copy, the SYNAJIC protests against “the exit”, of a deputy “on the decriminalization of homosexuality “, and asks the members of his union sympathizers to avoid defending this practice until now illegal in their columns, their platforms and their sections of antenna”.

This, recalls the SYNAJIC, “In accordance with the objectives” of the union, which “has the duty to avoid any antagonism likely to undermine the values defended by the republic”.

Consulted to provide details on this energetic reaction, Nkodo Pierre-Claver, also a journalist at Afrique Média, formally denounced the plea of Me Faustine Fotso, MP for the CPDM in power, in favor of respect for sexual difference.