Mihney, real name NjiBihmimihney Nelly was born in the North West Cameroon-Bamenda Region on August 27. She spent her childhood in the city of Douala where she developed a passion for music. For this, music was her hobby and she learned it with great enthusiasm.

Her musical journey began at the age of 12 where she wrote and sang songs. She enters the studio for the first time with artist Dj Knorry in a sound called “Flirt”. Mihney didn’t last as a singer. She had a different perspective on music, she wanted to do something that represented her urban culture, something that represented where she came from and a style that society must love. That’s why at the age of 17 she started Rap. In high school; “Bonaberi High School”, Mihney was the only girl in her group called “HerozNow” with guys like; Liti Dog, Cy and Dizzy D. At the time she called herself “Nelly White”. The group was registered under “Street 237” with Dj BOB who was in charge of executive affairs. They recorded several sounds such as; “Show me whatyougot”, “heroesNow” and many other shows that have toured Douala.

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Mihney is considering a career in Solo where she does her first Solo single entitled “Buyyou the moon” featuring with Dj BOB. The song was well received in the area and made the name “Nelly White” popular. After high school, the group “HerozNow” split up and Mihney headed to the town of Buea for her university studies. Buea becomes successful in her musical career after meeting acclaimed street artist Yung Time, where they begin to walk together. With Yung Time they released the sound “Wash hand” and Mihney made his first appearance in a music video then the song called “Versace remix” gave Mihney the opportunity to perform in shows in Buea and Douala. She released her very first single in February 2015, titled “Since When” a hit that works well with a flow in French recorded under the group “Otantik” with Yung time and two others. She was discovered with this song and the label “Fast Money” signed it.

Things are not going as planned, Mihney is keeping a little silent, 1 year later, she released her very first video clip for the single “Since When” and she broke fast money record. Mihney continues with the band Otantik, she landed on the Mixtape “OTANTIK” then she appears in the clip of the extract of the mixtape “uh-uh, uhuh” which made a buzz and put Mihney’s name on all lips. Recently nominated in many local awards ceremonies, Cameroonian rapper / singer MIHNEY signed to the prestigious EBEN Entertainment team, became known to the African public thanks to the success of her titles “Pandemic”, “Touch & Go” and is positioned among the feminine Revelations of Cameroonian urban music in this year 2019. It is for this reason that she invites the Bamenda Boy MAGASCO on the title “Go” to the delight of her many fans. Already available on iTunes and other online music platforms, “Vas-y” is a single that talks about self-confidence in a romantic relationship, on beautiful African sounds, with a mixture of texts in French, English and in his native dialect. “Go” is a foretaste of the upcoming release of MIHNEY’s very first new solo album from EBEN Entertainment and already bodes well for a great career to come.