The Ivorian influencer, Eunice Zunon has recently cried for Cameroonian rapper Tenor. Here are the reasons:

The Ivorian influencer, very close to the Cameroonian artsite Ténor, has decided to denounce what the rapper has been going through lately concerning his musical career. Eunice Zunon and Tenor very close, but no one knows the exact type of relationship they share. Whether they are a couple or just very good friends, the two celebrities have never clearly answered questions about their relationship.

It is just for the lovethe Ivorian influencer has for the Cameroonian rapper, that she decided to speak up regarding what he has been going through.

In a live Saturday, June 19, 2021, she explained the difficulties that many people encounter in acquiring Tenor’s album.
She even qualifies it as a boycott:

“It’s as if we wanted to discourage the fan who wanted to buy the Tenor album, because to download or buy the album, the server is so slow, as if everything was established somewhere. to boycott Tenor, why? “.

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Eunice Zunon crying.

She continues by encouraging fans of the artist who want to get hold of the singer’s album, but who are going through these difficulties, not to give up: “Even if we want to shut it down or boycott it, forgive, don’t give up. I have captioned the links, you can go and buy “.

The young influencer, visibly very touched by what is happening to the singer, says in a sentence: “He does not deserve that”, before literally bursting into tears in front of her followers , while tilting the phone to her right so her followers don’t see her cry.

After a few moments, she calls out to her followers again: “I ask you to be patient. In the end, you will be able to buy and support the artist because he deserves it”. Internet users have shown their unwavering support for the young Cameroonian influencer and rapper.

Many were annoyed by this situation. Others moved by the tears of the influencer, consoled her by telling her to wipe her tears because things will return to order.