Hershe Sundae is an American author, songwriter and music crooner. She was born and raised in Chicago.

Getting new into the book writing World, Hershe released her first book project. It is called Tones of Affection.

In 2017, the lady got into depression. She revealed that it was the lowest period of her life. That’s what pushed her into writing. She started writing her book Tones of Affection little by little until she concluded it.

Tones of affection came about from a dream the author had. Her main objective of being a writer is to help people normalize mental health stability in the society. By April 2018, she completed her first book.

Tones Of Affection talks about a main character called Kai Mayers who is quite sad because of her mother’s condition and a strain relationship with her father. However, she still has a lot of blissful things in life to celebrate. she is smart, has a good sense of humour and gets her dream job at 28.