Askia who previously opened a snack in Limbe has now opened her own shoe line called MB Shoes.

The Mami Bakala as you all know recently had lots of issues, including marital issues. She was comforted likewise insulted by some persons. This didn’t stop her to still push forward with her shoe project which she apparently has been working on setting for sometime now.

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Askia revealed in a live video she isn’t like other ladies who could just get money from men, she has to work her ass out to feed herself and her baby.

Taking to her Facebook handle to reveal this beautiful information, she wrote :

Hey Askians?

We have had this project cooking in the kitchen for some time and now it’s ready to be served. ???

This is Mami Bakala’s own brand new business line. She learnt a great deal about the conventional wisdom of shoes from her own life experiences and travails . To her, every situation in life is like a shoe, it either fits or it doesn’t. Better still you can always find the shoes that fit you in every situation in your life.

This is what she has to offer now. Let’s get this out there and make it worthwhile for all our Cameroonian ladies???

The link to her Instagram page ???:

The WhatsApp number: 650399274

Feel free, to stop on the page , like , share and place your orders.

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world( Marilyn Monroe )

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