From a family of six, Emile Nkembe AKA Lenz Wite was born in the NorthWest Region of Cameroon. After obtaining his Advanced Level, he then moved to University of Dschang to obtain a degree in Marketing. With the help of Elvis Ali and Franklin Dze, he found ways of expressing his mind through music.

After a couple years in the Dschang University radio he then moved to the States where he currently resides. His singles PEACE produced by Dijay Karl and Drae Boii, PACE YASELF (Prod. Deejae Glenny) and BETTER HALF(Prod. IronBitz) speaks for itself under the record label “Black Gold Muziq”. He has collaborated with Artists like Fro$ty, Mr.Banks, Amdi and just to name a few.

Story Behind my Songs.

where the sky meets the sea

“Better Half”

After coming across the track “Wuna Morning” by Wan Shey, Lenz Wite’s management tracked down Amdi; who did the back up for that track. Producer IronBitz came on board linking these two talented and relentless artists with an explosive instrumental. In less than a month “Better Half” was born.

“Better Half” was recorded in US and Cameroon. This song tells a true story of what love is. Getting the weight off your love one’s shoulder, not letting them walk that path alone. Both artists bring in a more flourish and compelling flow making the palette smooth and ready for their lovely fans to consume.

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“Pace Yaself”

They say surround yourself with people who push you and motivate you day in day out. This is definitely true and the case with this song. Sometimes managers want to create something unique and out of the box. After multiple song rejection from his manager, Lenz Wite decided to go out of the norm.

“This was the very first song I wrote that had multiple languages. From Awing to French, then Pidgin English, and English. First of all, writing something new is always challenging.”

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Going back and forward multiple times trying to get the perfect flow while maintaining and keeping the message simple.

“I have a different way of writing my songs, my colleagues referred to me as being weird but this technique has worked for me and it still does.”

After the success of “Don’t Fake It” (Prod by Deejay Gleeny), Lenz Wite returned to him for this tracked. After multiple back and forward, the track was finally recorded.

He then kept this away from his manager for quite some time waiting on the right moment.

Unbelievable, this song has opened more doors than he ever expected.

“Always challenge yourself.’

“Pace Yaself” is all about running your own race despite where the finish line is. Just because you put in the same efforts doesn’t mean you all would have the same results.

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