Bashirou Mbah (Born 15 December 1997) professionally known as Dura king or African Baby King is a Cameroon singer, song writer and producer. Dura king is the most unique Cameroon artist who is more into the revolutionary afro-pop.

                                                                           Background Information


Birthname.                               Bashirou Mbah


Also known as.                        Dura king (African Baby King)


Born.                                          December 15th(age: 24) Batibo Cameroon


Schools.                                     G.S Wumudeng, G.B.H.S Downtown Bamenda, Rhemma Billingual Comprehensive college Bamenda, GBHS Doula and CPC Bali Bamenda where he had 

                                                    His advancelevel. Presently doing his Associates at the Lonestar College TX USA


Genres                                      Afrobeat, reggae, dancehall, R&B, hip-hop, pop


Occupation(s).                         Singer, song writer, producer, student of Lonestar College TX studying Cyber Security        


Label.                                          DUSTAR EMPIRE ( Which he is the founder and C.E.)and runs it with his team, made of his brothers and friend known as the DU.STAR TEAM


Dura began writing songs at the age of 13 but only managed to release his first track (Orey) in 2016 which was a sensation that won him a studio and a lot of support especially from his family whom dura said are his biggest fans. The song was later deleted because of the team believe it is a timeless track that is always going to be a hit if dropped at the right time when Dura must have gotten all the attention he needs for such a big song. In 2020, he dropped his first single (Paparima) which was quite a sensation and got over 78k views in three months (Rare Occurrence for an upcoming artist). 

To promote the song, he launched a  $1000 challenge which was won by 3 lucky dancers. He also dropped other songs like feeling better and twerk it. He has shared stage with artists like Mr. P of Psquare , Rema, Tzy Panchak and many other artists.

He has had a couple of label tried to sign him but he turned them down because his vision as an artist didn’t align with the labels agender and that was only going to limit his arts.February 5TH  2021 Dura dropped his second hit bestie as a valentine present to his fans which had warm reception too. On a live session with 237showbiz, Dura revealed that he had a huge crush on Mimie the sexy Cameroonian female singer, outgrew it though.