My review about Jovi’s latest drop SERVO From the Sound, Lyric and my personal view.

To begin with, He sang the song In French. From the beginning of the song, to the end of the song, it was purely in french. Making him look like any other French rapper. He didn’t portray that Mboko attitude in the song, like he use to do in other song. There’s always a reason why an artiste who happens to be bilingual, chooses the language he or she wants to sing on. Some reasons can be:

To address his French fans.
The message is better in that language..

Let’s talk about the sound.

The sound was great, unique and tingling and it has real bass and high hit. Don’t waste the song by listening to it on your phone. Try it on a woofer you will enjoy the sound.

What about the lyrics?

I have always placed Jovi to be a METAPHORIC LYRICAL RAPPER. You must be a hip hop fan before you can be able to understand or consume his songs.

SERVO, what is the song talking about?

Jovi is just talking about SERVO Meaning Success is not meant for everyone or for the stupid. He is trying to say that, in the street, everybody have to work but not everybody can be like Etoo where he is famous, rich or Successful. So you can work but if you are not smart enough, you won’t be successful… This tights to the debate and worry of some Cameroonians who always ask question like why Jovi doesn’t collaborate…

How I consume the song..

The song is a good song and the message is great. I give Jovi 9.5/10.

So tell me how you felt the song.
Stream/Download here :

(Download mp3) Jovi – Servo