I just wish we Had/have same Platform as Nigeria – Magasco

Cameroonian music crooner, Magasco laments wishing Cameroon had same platform as Nigeria.

The anglophone crisis caused a lot of harm to Cameroonians. Left some homeless, others beheaded and let to loss of of many lives. No single famous celebrity posted. In the case of Nigerians protesting, we can see the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj demanding for peace.

Magasco now wonders whether these influencers didn’t see Cameroon’s case or they just ignored it.

For Nigeria, almost all their celebrities posted about it. In the case of Cameroon, just few posted it. Some did songs.

Magasco taking to his Facebook handle wrote :

I just wish we Had/have same Platform as Nigeria. Chai so it simply means no one cares about us or Na how. Are we on our own ??‍♂️ So all these big names didn’t see us ?

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