Cameroonian actress, Syndy Emade sends out beautiful birthday message to her daughter.

Cameroonian gorgeous actress, Syndy Emade has sent out a powerful message as she celebrates her little daughter who just turned 2 years today.

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Taking to her Snapchat handle to express her love and gratitude to God for giving her such a lovely baby, the actress wrote :

My dearest Baby B, thank you for cbbaginv my Workd and for making me a better person as I constantly want to be a mother to everyone around me, both old and young. You’ve surrounded me with so much love and my best part is the crown of GRACE you came with.

Happy birthday to my real life PRINCESS. I can’t believe you are turning 2 today, but what most shocking is how fast and smart you are growing. Having you in me for 9 months was magical and now watching you grow daily is even more magical.

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