Top 10 most followed Cameroonian celebrities on Instagram.

One cannot refute the fact that Cameroonian artists have grown followers wise rapidly these last years.

From 100k to a million followers over a short period of time is what can be used to describe Cameroonian celebrities.

That is why we have taken out our time to bring out the top 10 most followed Cameroonian celebrities on Instagram. It is worth noting that, this is variable. In few years from now, some might have more followers or others might over take the others.

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10. Choupo-Moting

Choupo-Moting is a Cameroonian football star. He plays at Paris Saint Germain and is one of the reasons why Paris Saint Germain went to the 2020 Champions League. Presently, Choupo-Moting has 781k followers.

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This lady is an influencer. She is almost having 1 million followers. Femme Fatale has 949k followers on IG.

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8. Marcelle Chou

Being one of the Pakgne, Marcelle Chou got famous from her web series with Muriel Blanche. Her beauty & talent has brought her 998k followers.

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7. Blanche Bailly

Cameroonian music crooner, Blanche Bailly recently clicked 1 million followers on IG of recent. She also became a mother. Mother to Jayden. That was a double accomplishment.

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6. Muriel Blanche :

Being one of Pagkne, Muriel Blanche turned 1 million followers like a month ago.

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5. Tenor

Cameroonian rapper, Tenor has 1.3 million followers on IG at the moment. Previously, his account was hacked.

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4. Nathalie Koah

Famous for being Eto’s ex-gf, Nathalie Koah has 1.5 million followers on IG.

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3. Biscuit de Mer/ Coco Emilia : Biscuit de Mer is one of Cameroon’s most popular influencers. She has 1.9 million IG followers.

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The singer of Calée has 2.7 followers on Instagram. She was actually the first Cameroonian singer to click 1 million followers on IG.

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1. Samuel Eto’o

The former football star is the most followed Cameroonian celebrity on IG. He is known Worldwide. Eto’o has 5.2 million IG followers.

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