HOT:”I do not worship Jesus” Cameroonian rapper,Young Holiday reveals.

Cameroonian rapper Young Holiday has revealed to the public that he doesn’t worship Jesus. He made this public on one of his social media handle. According to him, Christianity is a perception from a smart group of people. He wrote”

“I know better than to think Christianity is Absolute Truth, No, it’s just the perspective of a smart group. That’s why I tell people I do not worship Jesus, But I see clearly what the Bible is trying to teach us.

You’ve heard the take of the six blind men, I’m the seventh. No idea what I’m painting but the feeling is Certain. Creation is the greatest work of art. No one tells it better than the beating of the heart.

Working on this track the 7th Blind man has widened my whole idea about existence. Understanding that there really is no Wrong, or right, Truth or lies, good or bad, No one true religion, but we are all just telling our stories from our points of view and no one is viewing from a higher point. It’s all just different theories to savage the most of our existence.

This song is like the key to unlock empathy. Can’t wait to share the full song with you guys.

Who knows the tale of the six blind men and the elephant??”

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