Did Will Smith really permit his wife to cheat with August Alsina?

Could this be the end of a myth? This has caused endless controversy.

One of the most envied couples in Hollywood find themselves in the middle of a controversy, after famous rapper August Alsina revealed in an interview with the American show “The breakfast Club”, to have maintained a love story with Will Smith’s wife , with his consent.

The rumour went viral like wildfire on social media and shocked most of the actor’s fans.

Contacted by Page Six media, Jada Pinkett Smith’s team assured people that all of this is “absolutely not true.”

August Alsina, 27, is said to have met Jaden and Willow’s mother through Jaden in 2015, reports the public.

He then became very close to the 48-year-old woman: “I have given myself completely to this relationship for years of my life […] to the point that I can die now and tell myself that I really gave myself to some ‘one’, he said.

On Twitter, some fans who loved the Smith’s relationship do not believe any of these while others do not understand how the history of the love triangle was not revealed in the light of day today!

True of false?

Everyone is waiting for Will Smith’s reaction, which is yet to be heard.