Feud between Dj Kerozen & Maahlox, understand its cause.

Tictactic!! Showbiz always has something to make one get a seat, take pop corn and chill not to miss out any scene.

In an interview with a journalist, Ivorian music crooner, Dj Kerozen, apparently decided to be unrest if he doesn’t tickle Cameroonian artist Maalhox a little. In the process of answering the journalist’s questions, one demanded him to cite names of great African artists he knows. According to Kerozen, he recognizes that Maalhox is a artist but not a great one.

A sentence that has not gone unnoticed by the Cameroonian artist. The response is just “terrifying”.

Bigger in what? But when you talk to me about great artists you talk to me about Maalhox ah! Tell me about Youssou N’Dour, talk about daddy Wemba peace in his soul, tell me about Koffi Olomide, Meiway are the great artists, ” said Kerozen.

Maahlox who has never been simple as far as using cruel words are concern, immediately used his social media handle to clap back.

“I am VERY BIG compared to you DARK IDIOT little PRETENTIOUS SHEEP that you know that you only exist because you are on TRACE TV 3000 times a day. if you underwent the 1 thousandths of the boycott that I undergo you would have already disappeared from the minds of people with your unhappy little song at the CON that you REMIX every day for 2 years “,

wrote the artist.

“You come to CAMEROON today to insult one of the symbols of a whole generation and at the same time all this generation which is inspired by its music to build their OWN MUSIC UNIVERSE because you think you are above this generation and of all the YOUNG CAMEROON all? He asked himself.

“You are just a WILD DOG who has been hiding his game badly for 2 years but now we know who you are. Today you are insulting Maalhox with “IT’S GOING LIKE IT” tomorrow who will Franko be from “GLUEING THE LITTLE? “Or then LITTLE COUNTRY of” MARIA? “So MAAHLOX for you isn’t great, is it? So with your 2 stupid little songs that loop on TRACE you are already very big then?

Yes it’s true Cameroon has really become the PARADISE OF FOREIGN ARTISTS and the cemetery of Cameroonian artists up to KENROZEN (sir two songs) come and tell us who is great with us or not but don’t worry with me it doesn’t never ends like that you talked about now wait for you when you get back from the elevator

Continued he.

“He has never done a real concert in Cameroon, he always comes secretly to be fucked in the offices today he comes to talk about great artists. Until the idiot dares to use his mouth with which he cuts the pipes to talk about Koffi Olomide and papa Wemba. My brother wake up your 2 little songs that you have tracked in 2 years do not even make you an artist will still work ”

wrote Maalhox in another post.

However, Dj Kerozen has come out to apologize to Maahlox. He says he is very sorry.

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In your opinion, did Kerozen have the right to speak of Maalhox like this? Is Maalhox right to react like this? Your reactions are awaited in the comments.

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