Boy Tag – Biography & early  life.

Boy TAG said to be Cameroon’s fastest rapper, music composer, beat maker and owner of Bt designs.

Originally called Tongwa Njopmu Felganie Belta, he was born in Buea on the 10th October!
His biological father is from Lebialem
(southwest region) and mother a Bangante (West region) lady.
Boy The Albino Guy did his nursery and primary studies in Muyuka.

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After the death of the rapper’s mother in 2003, his family relocated to Buea ( grandmother, elder sister and him). In 2004, his grandmother passed away after being sick for a long-time.

The rapper of “Grandma” great aunt (grandmother’s elder sister) took himself and his sister in.
In 2005, he started secondary school, in a bilingual college acronym MACBICOL in Street 1 Great Soppo Buea!

While in form 3 in 2007, they had a classmate called Snezy K. who was a rapper.

He introduced Boy Tag to the studio where he began doing music.
In 2012, he terminated from College and entered the University of Buea where he studied Accounting.

Presently, he is signed under Steven’s music alongside Daphne, Ewube, Shura & M-Pro.

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