Broken Movie premier, who was the most broken ?

Let’s quickly rush into fashion, there were lots of gorgeous personalities at the Broken movie premier likewise the big heads who carried the entire hall on their head with their poor fashion taste.Not being negative but we will be concentrating on those who disgraced the event with their wardrobe malfunction. However, let’s first of all give credit where it is due.The producer of the Movie, BROKEN rocked and killed lots of people. Her outfit was rumoured to be worth 17 million frs. And of course no one will spend that much to get trash. Syndy Emade’s outfit then is worth being 1574533814476536720188After giving full recognition to the queen, we have the fashion critic Jessyka Fon who was apparently the best dressed in the hall. Her outfit was simple and classic. Well, these three were rated by Tondamag the best overall outfits at the premier.fb img 15746079911217531776497188 1We can’t talk about beauty without mentioning Soli Egbe. The ever supportive actress was present at the premier. She got in simple, classy and stunning. Here you go…img 20191124 003430 3081489603631There were lots of other beautiful ladies and gentlemen but like I had mentioned previously, we are on those who were completely broken in the Premier.Since the movie’s title is Broken, some celebs decided to get broken morethan the Movie itself.I’ll be presenting to y’all top shamed outfits by social media persons. While reading this, it is your turn to pick your worst outfit for this premier. Like online comedies will say, we need to correct this country and start dressing up celebrities.Blaise B was called Judas Iscariot by social media persons. What do you think about his outfit?photogrid 15745334231751256604123Here are other outfits that people claimed were terrifying and a disgrace to the Cameroonian entertainment industry.img 20191123 195718 689842530553photo 1574533816290269968893img 20191123 193644 7461567482536photo 15745356896921248472897 1Now, who carried the last ?

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