How to make your period flow faster and finish quicker.

When women’s period stay for a long time, most of them aren’t happy or comfortable.

They’ll now seek for measures to help make their periods flow faster so it finishes earlier. That’s why we are here today on Health with

When washing, bathing or taking a shower, use warm water. Why? This is because according to YouQueen, warm water relaxes the stomach’s muscles, enhances dilation and encourages faster blood flow from the uterus. Then your period is accelerated and will finish faster.

Also, consuming vitamin C speeds up blood flow. If Vitamin C is taken in large quantity, it reduces progesterone in the uterus thus breaking its walls and enlarging it. So for your period to terminate faster, consume a lot of vitamin C when on your period so it flows faster.

Exercises don’t accelerate the period, it makes it flow slower. Women seemingly feel better when they exercise before and during their periods.

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