Cameroonian rapper and singer, Tilla attempts suicide and is immediately saved.
The mother of one some months ago, complained about lack of support from cameroonians.

She laid emphasis on her ability to produce quality music and becoming a popular artiste if she was supported financially by people who believe in her. Tilla claimed she was going to put an end to her musical career if she didn’t receive support.

After her post, she received financial support from different sources with which she released a song which didn’t get sufficient expected attention.

Yesterday, Tilla took her Facebook handle to reveal she is tired of life and wants to Jill herself z

She wrote :

I’m tired of living. Just wanted to say goodbye. No pity party please. Everyone will die at some point so please don’t dramatize this.
Just accept it and say your good-byes. Not that I care at this point. Just want to give some closure to those of you who might care. I’ve tried to stay alive for so long but I’m no longer fighting. I never asked to be born in the first place. I hate this earth.”
Divert sources revealed she drank a poisonous substance. Today, her team informed the general public she indeed drank a poisonous substance and is undertaking treatment.

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Cameroon rapper Tilla attempts suicide and is currently receiving treatment. 3

They said Tilla was rushed to the Mbingo hospital in bamenda where she is receiving first aid.

They wrote:
Yesterday, Tilla was rushed to the emergency room where she received first aid. For now she cannot respond to all the numerous calls and messages but be assured that she is undergoing therapy and recovering positively at Mbingo hospital Bamenda. Thank you all so much for your love and support as we continue to pray for her restoration. For any information or assistance you can contact her very close friend Georgette via 675425141.🦋💖✨”
The team goes further to say she will not be attending shows at the moment due to her present state.

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Cameroon rapper Tilla attempts suicide and is currently receiving treatment. 4