It looks like Maahlox woke up this morning with a couple of things to get off his chest!

Taking to his social media handle, he says Cameroonian artistes will remain beggars and most of them “I repeat, most not all” have lost their dignity.

Maahlox says “I complained about them trying to bring ‘pepper sellers’(prostitutes) calling them Bloggers and influencers and people instead insulted me. They paid a VIP ticket for them to come and attend the AFCON because they wanted to be friends with them instead of bringing real bloggers and sport journalists”.

The rapper isn’t quite pleased as people are trying to “twist his words” because they want to be “noticed” by FallyIpupa. So Fally takes them as his “Bon Petit”. The rapper states that it is either you are an artiste or a punk nose. Pick your lane wisely.

Maahlox continued by saying that inviting Fally to perform at the AFCON was a very good thing. “In fact, they had to invite more International artistes so people know Cameroonians are diverse, open and love to receive people. However, they had to also invite a couple of Cameroonian artistes because we are the ones who launched the opening ceremony of AFCON. We spent money before and after. It was just normal they invite a couple of Cameroonian artistes to celebrate the African Cup Of Nations so the World also discover our music.”

In addition to this, Maahlox had a couple of questions to ask:

“Why does it hurt so much to ask this from the organizing committee?

How can a normal Cameroonian say they shouldn’t put any Cameroonian artist in addition to Fally ?”

Concluding his write-up , Maahlox praises Fally but still insist Cameroon is rich in content.

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