Cameroonian singer, Fhish lost his life early this morning in a ghastly car accident alongside his manager.

He was reportedly going for a show in Buea from Douala with his manager and another friend.

Fhish hit a truck which let to his death and that of his manager.

According to information we got, a truck got bad in the middle of the road. However, no signal was put in place to indicate that there was a damaged truck in the middle of the road. Since it was night time and places being dark, he drove into the truck and deformed his car leading to his death and that of his manager.

Someone explained :

“The loss of FHish and his manager last night by car accident is painful. Fhish is an artist who forged his way for a long time in anonymity before being revealed to the general public through his hit track “NJOH” song in featuring with Longuè Longuè. He had been working on other artistic projects lately, ”said Landry Ndenmeko Bankoue, who published the news of his death.

“This disappearance is tragic since it occurs one month to the day (23 November 2021) when the artist won a new car and the sum of 12 million FCFA following an artistic competition organized by the reality TV BIGGY237 . He was therefore on a good start to develop his musical career. Prior to this fatal accident, FHish had first crashed with this vehicle and survived. Unfortunately, this time was dramatic for him and for his manager, ”he continues.

Watch Video of incident :