According to the lady called Falon, whom Magasco recently married, he is very childish and has been beating her up like she isn’t human.

Falon states that she never loved him in the first place, it is because of his pretense of wanting to die that she pitied him and got married to him.

Among other things, the lady said she doesn’t want their marriage anymore for their own safety. Taking to her Instagram story, she stated;

“I do not really see why some boys are so imagine, I have said this time and again, I’m no longer interested in the marriage, I never wanted to take this public, but are are being childish so let’s do it the public way, I decided to leave this marriage because I realized I got married to a child, mummy’s son, someone who beats a woman almost half death and call his family memebers to come support him. I have taken a lot of this, I decided to leave because I wanted my happiness. I have never been happy getting married to you vus you where not in my plan for marriage. It’s because of the things you did and promised to Jill yourself that’s why I decided to go along with it, trying to make you happy and all you could do was maltreat a woman who doesn’t even love you but trying to make you happy. Please for Godsake stop holding me back, I already filed a divorce, let me go a mature man will do that, a man who loves his woman will do what will make that woman happy. Please everyone ask this man to let me have my peace, let him leave me to live my life without his troubles and animal attitudes. I’m tired of seeing him coming up with drama of being his wife like what he just did today, I’m not his wife. Can come one tell this boy to let me go before be killls me some day. )3 is never going to see me again unless he accepts to sign divorce.”

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