Tenor has been in prison for 3 weeks. From freedom to total deprivation. How does Tenor survive in the prison environment? A Cameroonian journalist has revealed the conditions in which Tenor has been living since his arrest.

The artiste is being prosecuted by Cameroonian justice for manslaughter, following an accident which claimed the life of a 22-years-old girl. Tenor has been in prison for 3 weeks. According to the details of a guest journalist on the Ivorian television channel NCI, Tenor is doing well and trying to hold out in spite of everything.

The prisoners, including several fans of the artiste, show themselves to be kind and in solidarity with him. A party was organized for him in New-Bell prison upon his arrival.

In fact, she reassures that things are going pretty well. While awaiting the judge’s decision at a new hearing, Tenor is holding out. He is certainly not in “his home”, because the prison conditions are not very unpleasant.

According to the journalist’s details, Tenor’s testimony was heard for the first time on August 12 in Cameroon, the rest is therefore scheduled for September 6. In addition, the artiste’s lawyer is said to be negotiating to obtain Tenor’s provisional release pending the hearing on September 6.