According to a report by Equinoxe television at the scene of the accident , it appears a press release done by Tenor’s manager to justify what happened at the accident scene is false.

Apparently, either Taphis (Tenor’s manager) didn’t fully know what happened or was being dishonest.

What he posted on Tenor’s page to suppose that’s what happened the morning of the accident contained a couple of stuff that doesn’t go along with what Equinoxe reported.

To begin with, he said Tenor was with a drive. However, Equinoxe revealed that Tenor was the one driving the car all drunk.

Also, he said the driver appeared not to be found later on, except Tenor and one of his male friends. The question is, where did the driver disappear to? At least they would have been traces of something to prove he was there.

Again, Erica was portrayed as a fan of the artist, but relatives of the victim said she was a friend of the artiste. Taphis said Tenor was kind enough to carry someone of his fans who were present to take photos with him.

Apparently, there were 2 men and two females in that car according to reports. No driver included. Just Tenor, his male friend, Erica and another lady.

Recall that the press release issued by the artiste’s team to explain the circumstances of his accident has been withdrawn, reopening the debate on what really happened on July 15, 2021.

Although those communicated have indicated that the Tenor’s vehicle was driven by a mysterious driver, other credible sources indicate otherwise. This is the case of Boris Bertolt who indicates that Tenor didn’t have a driver. He revealed he was drunk and drove at high speed.

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