Cameroonians keep an image of Brenda Biya as a girl who missed her school course. Her time at ENAM-Cameroon proved her detractors right, and her English teacher in Yaoundé did not keep fond memories of her either. But the first daughter of the Cameroonian Republic knows what she is worth and does not care about gratuitous assertions from her detractors.

To nail them down, she talks about her stay in Switzerland. Brenda Biya explained that her journey has not been easy. After her CEP in Cameroon, she flew to Switzerland to continue her studies. She began the typically English-speaking 6th grade. She admits that she did not know a word in English.

But she was able to adapt by learning twice as much as the others. Her level of English then improved. “I arrived in Switzerland in 6th grade, I didn’t speak English at all. I was sent to an international school where I was in the English section. Obviously I didn’t know anything, so they put me in ESL. (English as a second language) “, she explained to her followers.

For her efforts, he was awarded a prize. “At the end of the year, they awarded me the award for the best ESL student,” she says proudly.