We received information that 23 years old Sabine Mabelle Lyzette is now handicapped because of her husband Ndi Jean Ngon.

So Lyzette cooked food for her husband (spaghetti). He ate part and reserved the other part in the refrigerator to consume the following day.

The following day, he left for duty purposes. Lyzette’s children got hungry. There was nothing else at home to eat at the moment so she heated the spaghetti, served it to her children.

The man she got married to returned in the evening. Looked for his food to no avail. That’s how Jean asked his wife where his spaghetti is at. She told him the children were hungry so she gave them.

Jean didn’t listen unfortunately. He started brutalizing her, rush and took a cutlass, cut the lady’s leg.

When taken to the hospital, the only solution was to cut off the leg completely because the cutlass had penetrated right into Lyzette’s bones.

Right now she is handicapped because of spaghetti.

This occurred in Mfou, Yaoundé Cameroon.