Sometimes, we wonder if it’s that, our industry has something somewhere holding it back or what. Sometimes, others call it « We do not support our own ».

If truly this is the case, how then did these artistes first of all rise? It is rather unfortunate it seems they are rising in a declining manner. Let’s dive straight into possible reasons for this misfortune.

  1. Bad team. Somehow, it seems like when our artistes start improving, they do not improve strategies thus start declining. Some apparently want to work with those who have the hype and not those who genuinely care for their progress! A lot of Cameroonian entertainers lack skills, they just have hype. As one progresses, the team has to progress likewise its strategies. Could this be a cause ??
  2. Pride! Just maybe when the artistes start rising, they stop putting in as much effort as in their early days ? They do not have the enthusiasm again? They already feel satisfied at the level they are, start feeling proud of themselves thus stop working more. Could this be the reason ?
  3. No money! Probably only fame increases inverse to what’s getting in the artistes pockets. Some solely depend on music and can’t handle other stuff. Could this be the cause?
  4. Lack of originality while new arts are coming up. Could it be that we hear one and thesame thing? Could people be tired of hearing « I love u » all the time,thus, rush to new trend ? Could this be the cause ?
  5. Cameroonians are honestly evil! They don’t support their artistes. They don’t empower them. They are so negative. Could this be a(the) reason??
  6. As per Isaac Newton’s law, anything that goes up must one day obviously go down. Could this be the cause ?

Afrilinkers, what do you think and why, is the cause of the booming nature of some Cameroonian artistes who suddenly get less attention out if a blue ? It is getting scary and discouraging to work as an artiste.
(P.S Photo used isn’t referring to them, just photos of some Cameroonian artistes)