The Cameroon’s president’s daughter has replied to apparently Instagram celestial judges who attacked her claiming her father is evil.

Brenda drew one of her art which had “humans are wicked” written on it.

Some trolls came to the comment section to attack her claiming her father is worst. She managed to reply to some people. She said she to one he doesn’t even know her father except for the fact that he is a public figure.

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Brenda Biya replies to a couple of trolls.

Bree took to her Twitter handle to reveal that none of what anyone is saying against her father or family affects her again like it used to.

She wrote: “ Y’all think insulting my Dad/family affects me like it used to? nahh I have been hearing that for decades”.

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“Y’all think insulting my Dad hurts like it used to?”- Brenda Biya 3