Aveiro Djess whose real name is Ndo Ndo Jules Roger born April 02, 1992 nicknamed the “Bangando d’Afrique” is a Cameroonian artiste and musician based in Yaoundé. He grew up in the Etam-Bafia district.

The Cameroonian singer started his career years ago but most people did not know him. His very first single was called “C’est le ndem” which was released 5 years ago.

Aveiro Djess draws much of his inspiration from his life, social facts and the Ghetto in which he grew up. In 2010, he entered the studio and released his very first single entitled “DECEPTION”. He collaboratod thereafter with rapper artistes like Trebor and Djess Panebo. The world of music is not rosy, he continued his adventure and released several other songs titled: ” Makonka ”, ” Tac Tac ”, ” Globa ” and many others without much impact. . In 2016, he released a new song on the beat of Bikutsi with the title “On n’a pas volé”. This allowed him to be spotted by his current producer Dex Willy, Boss of the WAR MACHINE label who also produces Mr Shyne: it was the start of a new adventure for Aveiro Djess.

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Aveiro djess became known in 2019 thanks to the success of his hit titled “Rambo” released in February 2019 which refers to the film made in 1982 and which was about a strong man named Rambo. During the CAN, the indomitable lions did not hesitate to perform the “Rambo” dance which is now their dance of victory. He was then singed under the label War Machine. In 2019, he released his second hit single entitled “Eyeee” released in October 2019. In 2020, he left the War Machine Label and founded the DjessGang Family Recordz. In November 2020, he released the song “Le Nyama“, a title dedicated to resourceful people (the bagando and the warman) as he calls them and all the people who fight every day to earn a living. The song was released on November 14, 2020. The musical style of artist Aveiro Djess, is a mix of shifted cut, Hip hop, and Mbolé.

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Now in the spotlight, Aveiro Djess continues to perform shows and box shows across the country, including a performance at the Yaoundé Omnisports stadium on the occasion of the final of the CARTON ROUGE competition. Aveiro does not intend to stop there as he is preparing new releases for his fans as well as several collaborations with Cameroonian artistes that will arrive very soon. Due to the success of his song “Le Nyama” he was nominated at the end of 2020 in the category “best hit of the year” at the first edition of the CameroonWeb Awards.