How do you know if you are pregnant with a girl or a boy? Are there reliable tests and what are the signs?

Girl or boy? Here is a question we all ask ourselves once a pregnancy test has revealed to us the good news, and which will be answered during the second ultrasound in the vast majority of cases.

There are also the old grandmother’s ways of knowing the answer, whether it’s a girl or a boy. Methods that are not 100% safe, unlike sanitary napkins, but which will allow us to surprise ourselves or astonish ourselves in the discovery of the baby’s sex.

Girl or boy: how do you know? The pendulum test

Let us take a pendulum that we will position above our hand to do the boy and girl test. If this one turns it means that we are pregnant with a little girl. If the pendulum moves back and forth, it’s a boy.

Nausea: girl or boy?

Having morning sickness would be synonymous with having a baby girl. Not having any at all would mean we’ll have a baby boy. And yes the nausea could be a sign to know if it is a girl or a boy.

Pregnant with a boy or a girl: dietary difference

If a pregnant woman regularly craves salty or bitter foods, meat and cheese, then she’s a boy. For the one who sees only through chocolate and cannot do without orange juice, it’s a girl.

Boy or girl test: thumbs

This method involves placing a pregnant woman’s hand on her hips. If the way of putting her hands places her thumbs towards her stomach, then she is expecting a baby boy, if her thumbs are on the contrary towards her back, then she is a little girl.

Know if it’s a boy or a girl by calculation

Let us take the age of the pregnant woman at the time of conception and add to that the number representing the month of conception. Add until you get a number below 10. If the calculation is an even number, then the woman will give birth from a girl, if it is odd, she will make a boy. Not bad as a sign to know if it’s a girl or a boy.

Signs of a girl or boy by the Egyptian method

In order to be able to proceed with this very old method to know if it is a girl or a boy, it is necessary to know first of all that the pregnant woman obtains wheat seeds and barley seeds. She takes three bowls in which she will place a little cotton. In the first, she will put a mixture of the two seeds. In the second bowl, she will pour wheat seeds and finally in the third, barley seeds. The pregnant woman should cover the three bowls with a transparent cloth, such as gauze, which will let light and air pass. After that it will be time to go to watering. In the bowl of the seed mixture, drizzle with a little water. As for the other two bowls, the watering will not be done with water, but with the first urine of the pregnant woman in the morning. After ten or three days the woman should take a look to make sure the seeds are germinating.

The solution to whether it is a girl or a boy lies in the other two bowls, doused with the urine of the pregnant woman. If the wheat seeds germinate first, that means the woman will give birth to a boy, and if the barley seeds germinate first then it will be a girl.

Boy or girl test: the key

The key test can answer this question of how to tell if it’s a girl or a boy. Place a large wrench on the ground. If the woman picks it up by the ring, then it’s a little boy, if it’s the other end, then it’s a little girl.

Partner’s weight gain

If the pregnant woman gains as many kilos as during pregnancy, the woman will give birth to a boy. If it is a girl, then the woman will not show any physical change.

Girl or boy: ask a child

Many people believe in the natural intuition of a young child. It would suffice according to this method to ask a little boy or a little girl under three years old if in this little round belly there is a boy or a girl. It would be this little end as high as three apples that would have the answer.