Suffering from leg pain, Mireille went for treatment at Charles-Le Moyne Hospital. Allergic to a molecule contained in penicillin, she warned the staff of this hospital beforehand.

But then a doctor in that hospital stubbornly or deliberately decided to prescribe him penicillin which was administered to her by the attendant nurses without further monitoring of the patient.

After receiving her injections, Mireille suffered from drug poisoning, radically choking her breathing.

‘During the morning of March 07, 2021, the communication department of the Antisardinards Brigade, received an URGENT CALL FOR HELP accompanied by the video of our late compatriot, where she had difficulty breathing, explaining what is happening to her in this hospital and asked the community to help her get out of there urgently because she felt insecure there.

Without much waste of time, a group of compatriots went to the hospital to save the lady.

‘A few hours later, following the great mobilization of the Cameroonian community, the transfer of Mireille DJomouo as desired by the latter, was carried out to the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal on March 8, 2021 … Unfortunately very early in the morning of the 10 March 2021, We learned that the drug poisoning she suffered at Charles-Le Moyne hospital got the better of her. MIREILLE DECEASED AS A RESULT OF A MEDICAL ERROR, ”she adds.