PSG striker Kylian Mbappé is a very precocious player. King Pelé believes that the young Frenchman is capable of following in his footsteps.

By scoring in the 2018 World Cup final against Croatia, Kylian Mbappé closed the competition in apotheosis and put his name on the record books.

By deceiving Subasic, the Frenchman became the 2nd youngest player to score in the World Cup final (19 years and 6 months) after Pelé against Sweden in 1958 (17 years and 8 months). A new precocity record for the PSG striker.

Praised by King Pelé himself after the World Cup, Mbappé saw expectations grow around him and the slightest non-match is reproached to him. Criticized in recent months for his ineffectiveness in the European Cup and an unfortunate tendency to play against nature, the native of Bondy responded to his detractors in the knockout stages of the Champions League. A hat-trick against Barça and a status of darling of world football has again rehabilitated.

Having given an exclusive interview to the Gazetta dello Sport which will be released on Saturday and which was carried out before the first leg against Barça, Pelé once again recalled all the affection he has for Mbappé, to the point of designating him like its true successor. When you know the Brazilian’s track record and aura as well as the players who had to carry this heir burden, the pressure is on the shoulders of the PSG striker.

“Mbappé can become my heir, and I’m not saying it as a joke. I can see myself in his ability to play fast,” said the three-time Brazilian world champion in the interview granted to the weekly Italian media. It is a striker who thinks quickly. When the ball arrives he already knows what to do, he already knows where to go and how to orient the game to find the best solution. These are important characteristics in football today. ”

“Kylian Mbappé is as fast in his races as he is in his dribbling,” said the former Santos or New York Cosmos again. Like me I was. “