Finally. After four consecutive defeats in the Premier League, Liverpool rebounded with a precious victory against Sheffield United on Sunday night.

By going to win at the red lantern Sheffield United (2-0), Liverpool revived their chances of catching the Champions League by coming back to 2 points from the Top 4 and six points from the podium.

Anything other than a win would have been disastrous against a team that took just 11 points in 26 matches, for the Reds who needed to come out of a sadly historic streak of four straight league wins.

And despite a one-sided game, the defending champion had to wait until the break to cheat an intractable Aaron Ramsdale in the first act, and see young Curtis Jones unblock the situation.

Curtis Jones (1-0, 48th) opened the scoring after checking the VAR, to make sure the ball had not gone out of the field when Trent Alexander-Arnold cross. Sadio Mané believed to weigh down the mark a few minutes later, but his goal was finally canceled.

Blades defender Kean Bryan deflected a shot from Roberto Firmino out of Ramsdale’s reach (2-0, 64th), to offer the 0-2 goal to Jürgen Klopp’s players in the second half.

McBurnie was trying to find the loophole to allow Sheffield to equalize, but Adrian – who replaced Alisson who left for Brazil after his father death – and his defense proved strong enough.

A result which offers four peaceful days to Jürgen Klopp and his men before Chelsea’s reception on Thursday at Anfield where they lost their last 4 matches. Sheffield United have 11 points, and are quickly approaching the Second Division.